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“Open up! Get going! We are leaving!!!” – for the deportees it was a beginning of their story, for the Soviet services it was the end of the preparations which had lasted  for a couple of months before.  This is how about his newst book entitled ”In taiga and in steppes. About the
Setki tysięcy Polaków zostało w latach 1940–41 przymusowo przesiedlonych w głąb ZSRR. Ich dramatyczne losy to niezwykle ważny rozdział polskiej pamięci.
Interrupted Biographies. Memoirs of deportees from Poland into the Soviets 1940-41. Film prepared by the Mieroszewski Centre.
What cannot the deportees from Poland deep into the Soviets forget? Hundreds of thousands of Poles were forcibly resettled deep into the USSR in 1940-41. Their dramatic plight is an extremely important chapter in Polish memory. The book entitled Przerwane biografie. Relacje deportowanych z Polski w
The Sieczko family managed to take a sewing machine to Sybir. Although it was heavy and unwieldy, it saved their lifes.
The Eastern Film Academy - Doctor, what kind of doctor am I?
The mini-documentary "Let There Be Something Left of Us" is a story told by Jerzy Seweryn Puciłowski, who was arrested by the Soviets on 28 November 1944.
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