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Tadeusz (Bernard Mazur’s father) came to New Zealand in 1944. He was an orphan. His parents were military settlers and lived near Sokal. On 10 February 1940, the Soviets deported the whole family to Siberia. Bernard’s father never wanted to talk about the time of deportation. Whereas Bernard was
While traveling through Palestine, Polish soldiers and civilians came across an Iranian boy with a young bear. Lieutenant Anatol Tarnowiecki from the 3rd Carpathian Rifle Division, at the insistence of Irena Bokiewicz (niece of General Bolesław Wieniawa-Długoszowski), bought the bear in exchange f
Nina Tomaszyk is the granddaughter of Krystyna Skwarko, who was deported with her family from Sokółka near Białystok. Krystyna was a pre-war teacher, who after the conclusion of the the Sikorski-Mayski Agreement (1941) organized help for Polish orphans – first in Iran, and from the autumn of 19
Zbyszek Poplawski is a special person: very kind and warm. Throughout his adult life he worked as a surgeon in New Zealand, where he ended up as one of 733 “Pahiatua children” – Polish orphans rescued from Sybir, who were invited by that country’s government in 1944 and taken
Kazik Zając was born in Chorzów. When the Second World War broke out in 1939, he was two and a half years old. The summer holidays of 1939 were the beginning of a dramatic odyssey for him, in which he lost his home, his parents and his homeland. The war threw him to the other […]
“Open up! Get going! We are leaving!!!” For the deportees, it was the beginning of their story; for the Soviet services, it was the end of a couple of months of preparation.  This was professor Albin Głowacki talking about his latest book, entitled ”In taiga and in steppes. About the
Setki tysięcy Polaków zostało w latach 1940–41 przymusowo przesiedlonych w głąb ZSRR. Ich dramatyczne losy to niezwykle ważny rozdział polskiej pamięci.
Interrupted Biographies. Memoirs of deportees from Poland into the Soviet Union, 1940-1941. A film by Juliusz Mieroszewski Centre for Dialogue.
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