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Deported in 1940 – Krzysztof Renik’s podcast about Polish Sybiraks living in Australia
Blessed priest Władysław Bukowiński, called the apostle ok Kazakhstan, was born on Poland’s Eastern Borderlands. Arrested in 1940 by the Soviets, he miraculously avoided the prison massacre. Arrested again in 1945, he was convicted to 8 year
Peter Pogorzelski's podcast on the repatriation of Poles from Kazakhstan.
Another podcast by Krzysztof Renik, in which the author tells about the Polish deportees in Australia.
The brothers Aleksander and Antoni Radchenko, Poles from Vilnius, in a conversation with Krzysztof Renik talk about the family story of their ancestors' deportation and their journey to Siberia in the footsteps of their exiled family members.
Another podcast by Krzysztof Renik. The author uses his archival footage from the early 1990s taken in Siberia, in the settlement of Naszyta, neighbouring the village of Vershyna. Both these settlements, some 100 kilometres from Irkutsk, are home to
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