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The last weeks of the World War Two in Europe. Last, but critical engagements, and at the same time, more victims. In the morning of 16 April 1945 the operation of crossing the Oder river started, in which soldiers of the First Polish Army took part. Among the Polish units the First Infantry Divisio
Piotr Ściegienny spent 25 years of his long, almost 90-year life in Siberia. 10 years behind Baikal, and another 15 in the city of Perm in the Urals. He got there thanks to the Tsar's "grace"...
He spent almost all his priestly life in Kazakhstan, where he was exiled. Even when he could have returned to Poland, he chose to remain with his faithful.
Benedykt Dybowski: “He lived a long life, almost 100 years, and until the end of his life he retained the freshness of his mind and the ability to do scientific work, and he was active in this field"
Michał Jankowski: The son of an impoverished nobleman was born on the 24'th of September 1842 in Złotoria, near Tykocin in Podlasie. He took part in the January Uprising when he was just over twenty years old. He was sent to Sybir with a sentence of 8 years.
Second Lieutenant pilot Janina Lewandowska wasn't really the only woman, who died in Katyn, but the only female soldier who was shot there.
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