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The personnel and patients of a hospital in Moscow, 1944


A group of people in the hospital interior

The personnel and patients of Moscow’s hospital. From the Sybir Memorial Museum collection

In 1943, Józef Jaworowski (in the photograph, he is standing in the second row, third person from the right) arrived at the hospital in Moscow after being wounded in the Battle of Lenino. He joined the 1st Tadeusz Kościuszko Infantry Division in 1943. He was a tank commander.

How did he get to the Soviet Union? He was deported with his family on 20 June 1940. First they all were in Elekmonar, then in Ojrot-Tura (now Gorno-Altaysk) in Altai Krai. During the Battle of Lenino, the tank that Józef commanded was hit with a round and Józef was heavily wounded. He spent  the next 10 months in a hospital.

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